An unexplored place of the city that is flourishing, a community pursuing a better destiny, nothing more palatable for a group of anonymous and voracious players who know that the rules exist, but not forever. Meanwhile, a man who seems to come from far away, maybe crossing the entire Cosmos, invites us with his amazement and honesty typical of a newcomer, to learn from the universe of Las Casas Baratas.
Direction, camera & postproduction – Julian Chamorro
Aditional camera - Irena visa and Camilo castillo
Roser Valles
Dani Postigo Arque
José Antonio Delgado
Rachel Fendler
Cathy Diba
Tom Diba
Wendy Dijs
Mercedes Roca Catarlenas
Stefano Dalle Vedove
Mariko Kumon
Gemma Garmeson
Anthony Caracas
The banker - Marta Callen
The politician (edil) - Oleg Sapeshko
Narrator - Trevor Ap Simons
Thanks to
Sergi Martinez Casals, Estibaliz Solinis Asplazu, Roser Valles, Trevor Ap Simons, and all the neighbors from Bon Pastor.
And of course to all the players for their participation and support.