Visual artist based in Barcelona with 10 years of experience in the audiovisual industry.
On one hand, my work as director, video editor, cameraman and creative producer has focused on producing documentaries and branded content, some of those projects have been featured on local television channels in Colombia, where I'm from, and on television channels in Barcelona, where I settled in 2012. Some of the short films and video installations I've created have been selected for international festivals. On the other, I served as props master, props maker and product stylist in close collaboration with the art department, for series, films, and commercials for major global brands. My portfolio encompasses a wide range of creative and technical tools, as well as a solid background in cinematic storytelling and visual arts.
Currently, I'm involved in creating branded content for local businesses and artistic projects, with an emphasis on highlighting the identity and values of each case.
As an independent filmmaker, I am driven to unveil the beauty of every story, always searching for those moments of truth that unfold through the lens of a camera. Sometimes it's a glance or a subtle movement that brings a scene to life, or a silence and stillness that create intrigue to the extreme. The key is that there are no rules, and it's always important to maintain focus. Mine is to center the gaze on the story and utilize a certain blend of technical, creative, and above all, emotional skills to enrich it. As a director, I relish connecting with the individuals in front of the camera, and naturally, with the audience who will enjoy our creation. I see myself as a catalyst resonating messages to a particular audience, like a facilitator empowering projects and amplifying voices. My ultimate goal is to craft impactful stories that reflect our humanity, our shared experiences, and instill the belief that together, anything is possible.
Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss how I can help bring your vision to life!